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Spiced Herb Roast Chicken

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Here I went for something different , a mix of dry herbs with spices that have strong sweet flavour and pairing it with the regular spices . Indeed it turned out so good , a great success .

The chicken is marinated with dry herbs like rosemary, thyme , spices like cinnamon , nutmeg, chilli powder, pepper powder and garlic etc and served with a sauce and veggies. The regular basting of the sauce on the chicken gave it a superb rich yummy flavour. Paired the roast chicken with broccoli , a favorite at our home , some zucchini and potato wedges.

Also a short video demonstrating how to tie your chicken for a roast after marinating it , so that you get an evenly roast chicken. I have used this method for all my roast chicken. So do follow these steps for a perfect roast.


1tbsp Rosemary

1tbsp Thyme

1inch Cinnamon

1/4'tsp nutmeg powder

dry grind the above ingredients

1tbsp chilli powder

1tsp pepper powder

16 to 17 cloves of garlic

1 tsp onion powder

1 1/2 tbsp honey

100 gms amul butter melt and keep aside

Mix all the above ingredients with the dry ingredients

Add salt to taste

keep some marinate mixture for the sauce


1 .5 kilo Chicken Whole


marinate the chicken well by separating the skin from the flesh gently by inserting your fingers slowly and put the marinated mixture in

Continue to do this method on all sides of the chicken making sure that the marinate penetrates well between the skin and the flesh.

Roast in a preheated oven at 240 degrees.

Cover with Foil for the first 45 mins.Then remove the foil and baste it with the marinate mixture all over to keep it moist . Open oven and baste every 5 to 7 mins , 3 to 4 times

Once done remove from Oven

You can serve with different types of baked or stir fry veggies and Fries or mashed potatoes.

For the sauce

I add around 200 ml sauce remaining after marinating and basting

to it i added 1/2 cup good red wine

placed on a low flame stirring occasionally for 5 mins

sauce is ready

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