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Pork Tamriad

Updated: Mar 7

An East Indian Style Pork curry. This curry is as popular than the East Indian Vindaloo. This curry has two type of masalas , one is the ground masala and the other is the cut masala consisting of green chillies, garlic , ginger and onions. Its a very simple and easy recipe. I have served this with East Indian Fugias.

The recipe for fugias is mentioned below.


2kg Pork chopped into pieces Ingredient 1 6 red kashmiri chillies 1 /2tsp turmeric powder 2 inch cinnamon stick 8 to 10 cloves 2 tsp cumin seeds 12 to 15 cloves garlic 6 cardamom Grind all the above in vinegar

Ingredient 2 10 onions sliced 2 1 /2 inch ginger 6 to 7 green chillies 15 cloves garlic All ingredients to be cut lengthwise

Method Take the fresh cut masala and the ground masala .mix it together in a vessel . Add the pork pieces some vinegar and water and cook till done.


Ingredients 500 gms Plain flour/ Maida Sift flour and keep 2 eggs at room temperature salt to taste 1/2 tsp sugar 1/2 cup rice flour sifted 400 ml coconut milk ( i used dabur coconut milk) 200 ml lukewarm water 1/2 tsp sugar 1 tsp instant dry yeast oil for frying

Method Take lukewarm water add 1/2 tsp sugar and the 1 tsp yeast well. Keep covered for 5 minutes. Then add the 200 ml coconut milk and the eggs whisk lightly. Add the sifted flour to a vessel . Add salt and 1/2 tsp sugar and mix well. Then add the yeast mixture and start mixing well. Add the other 200 ml Coconut milk. Mix well. Keep covered and in a warm place for maximum 4 hrs ,depending on the outside temperature or overnight .

Once fermented well beat well the dough with your hand.

Take a deep frying vessel . Add enough oil. Once hot. Pick up some dough using your left palm and squeeze out the dough between your thumb and index closed finger making a fist shape,, then with the help of a teaspoon scoop it out and deep fry.

Tips Add oil to a small bowl. place the teaspoon in that oil. oil your palm well. oiling the teaspoon helps the dough to slip out easily into the deep frying vessel.

The fermentation depends on the outside temperature. If its too hot {summer season} then 4 to 5 hrs should be fine . Otherwise overnight or 8hrs.

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