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Meatballs With A Tomato Gravy ,Mint Sauce And Hummus Served with Naan

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The Meatballs are prepared with chicken mince and bacon and tossed in a tomato gravy. Serving the meatballs with a mint sauce and hummus.

Naan recipe has been posted, check under the category 'Breads'.


500 gms chicken mince

200 gms bacon or chicken ham or chicken salami

grind the chicken mince and bacon together

and keep aside

Ingredients 2

1cup finely chopped olives

1tsp pepper powder

1tsp cumin powder

salt to taste

1 egg

2 slice of bread ground

Ingredients 3

5 to 6 finely chopped green chilli

3 onions finely chopped

2 stalks of celery finely chopped

stir fry the above ingredients together.


Mix ingredients of 1,2 and 3 together well

form into balls . Refrigerate for an hour .

After an hour shallow fry without any oil.

Oil is not needed if you are adding bacon.

But if adding chicken ham or salami add oil for frying.

For the gravy


2 finely chopped onion

8 medium size tomatoes pureed

1/2 cup red wine

salt to taste

a bit of sugar

1tsp pepper powder

2 tsp chilli powder


Stir fry the finely chopped onion till lightly browned.

Add the pureed tomato and very little amount of water.

Add the salt, pepper and chilli powder and little sugar.

Cook on medium flame for 2 mins

Then add the 1/2 cup red wine.

Cook for another 10 mins on low flame stirring occasionally.

Add the fried meatballs to the gravy and cook for 15 to 20 mins on low flame.



200 gms chickpeas soaked in water overnight

then pressure cook on high for one whistle then low for 20 mins. Drain out the water.

Add 10 to 12 cloves garlic

puree the mixture


To the pureed mixture add 1 tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp pepper powder, salt to taste , chilli powder about 1/2 tsp and 1 tsp lemon juice

drizzle olive oil

For the coriander mint sauce

1 Cup yoghurt whisked well

add to the yoghurt some coriander and mint chutney

salt to taste and little amount of sugar.

For the chutney

Take 1/4 cup coriander leaves

few mint leaves

green chilli according to taste

puree the chutney ingredients.

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