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Vegetable Yellow Curry

Updated: Feb 13

Vegetable Yellow Curry is basically a curry with vegetables like carrot, broccoli ,baby corn and bok choy. A mild curry paste is prepared and some cashew nuts and coconut mik added to give it that rich creamy texture.


160 grams carrot diagonally chopped

160 grams broccoli chopped lengthwise

100 grams baby corn diagonally chopped

60 grams bok choy roughly chopped

For The Curry Paste

1 inch turmeric

1 teaspoon coriander seeds

1 teaspoon pepper corns

1/4 teaspoon allspice corn

1 teaspoon fennel seeds

7 cloves of garlic

1 medium size onion sliced

20 cashew nuts

small ball of tamarind

dry roast all the spices and keep aside stir fry the medium sized onion sliced in little bit of oil add the cloves of garlic and fry and keep aside . stir fry cashew nuts and keep aside. grind all the above with little bit of water to a smooth paste.


15 Shallots (tiny onions)

8 to 10 bedki chillies cut into pieces

15 to 20 basil leaves

75gms coconut powder

1 tsp jaggery

Heat up some oil. Add the shallots and stir fry for 1/2a mins. Add the cut bedki chillies. Then add the carrots and stir fry for 1/2minute. Now add the broccoli and baby corn and stir fry.

Add the ground paste and mix well. Add some water and salt to taste and a tsp of jaggery

Allow to cook till almost done. Add then the bok choy and basil leaves. Mix well.

Add the 75 gms coconut powder in 1and 1/2cup water, stir well . Then add this coconut milk mixture to the curry. Cook for another 5 mins.

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