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Til Laadoos And Chikkis

Til Laadoos / Sesame Seed Laadoos are traditional Indian Sweet balls prepared with roasted sesame seeds and Jaggery. This sweet has a sweet nutty flavour and too irresistible.

Made during Sankranti festival. Here are two recipes , laadoos and chikkis.

Roasting the sesame seeds is very important ,it should be done well and always roasted on low flame.

TIL LAADOOS INGREDIENTS 100 gms til /sesame seeds 50 gms almonds 30 gms dessicated coconut 2 tbsp ghee 1/4 cup water 150 gms Jaggery 20 gms raisins

METHOD Roast the sesame seeds on low gas . It slightly swells up and aroma arises. Roast the almonds and grind to powder Roast dessicated coconut .

In a nonstick pan add the ghee, water and Jaggery. Cook continuously stirring on low gas till jaggery melts and the mixture comes to a boil. It starts to slightly thicken. At this stage check . Add little water in a bowl, add a little of the jaggery mixture to this water. Remove this jaggery mixture and see if its come to a soft form stage. I did not wait for it to become completely soft ball stage as I wanted a hard on the outside but soft on the inside.

At this stage add the roasted sesame seeds,dessicated coconut,raisins and powdered almonds. Mix well together.

Remove from the heat. Add ghee to the palm of your hands and start forming into balls when it is hot.

FOR THE CHIKKI 150 gms til /sesame seeds roasted 100 gms peanuts roasted 40 gms raisins 30 gms dessicated coconut roasted 150 gms jaggery

Follow same procedure

Except grease a tray. Add the hot mixture and spread and flatten it evenly Once slightly cooled make slight cuts and leave After few hours remove

This texture too is hard outside but soft inside. If u want it hard bring the jaggery mixture to a soft ball stage.

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