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Patholis are steamed rice sweets which are stuffed with fresh coconut and jaggery mixture. The patholi's while steaming get the aroma and flavor from the turmeric leaves used in preparation. You can also use Banana leaves if turmeric leaves are not available also parchment paper too is also a best alternative.

Patoli Ingredients Turmeric leaves For the filling 2 fresh coconuts grate and keep 1/4 kg Jaggery chop into pieces 1tsp cardamom powder Few raisins Pinch of salt Method Cook the filling mixture till jaggery melts.

Ingredients 2 For the rice paste I used almost 300 gms rice flour Add some amount of water to make a thick paste.

Method Spread the paste using a spoon or your fingers evenly. U can make a tri colour if u want Add filling on one side. Close and seal well. Steam for 12 mins.

2 New fillings

Filling1 Ingredients 2 coconut scrape the coconuts , I divided into two halves 200 gms fresh coconut 75 gms fresh coconut 100 gms finely chopped cashew nuts or u can also powder it 100 gms tutti frutti 100 gms raisins 100 gms sugar 80 gms Jaggery 1/2 tsp rose esesnce 1/2 tsp cardamom powder 1st filling 200 gms fresh coconut Remaining cashew nuts, tutti frutti, raisins 100 gms sugar 1/2 tsp rose essence mix all together and cook till sugar dissolves.

2 nd filling 75 gms fresh coconut 1 tbsp each of cashew nuts, raisins and tutti frutti 4 tbsp jaggery 1/2 tsp rose essence mix all of the above and cook till jaggery dissolves.

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