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Coconut Pancakes 2

I love coconut pancakes ,I had to make at least some. I did not have fresh coconut and neither the time to grate it . So decided to make it with desicated Coconut.

My first try with desicated coconut. Must say the texture is different but love the flavour.


For the Filling 160 gms desicated Coconut 100 gms grated jaggery 50 gms candied cherries finely chopped 50 gms raisins 50 gms tutti frutti 3 tsp ghee/ clarified butter 1 tsp Rose essence

Method Add the ghee, jaggery mix well on a low burner and low flame. Immediately add the dry fruits and desicated coconut and essence. Keep stirring on low flame till all the jaggery melts and coconut is lightly roasted.

Ingredients For the batter 160 gms maida/ plain flour 200 ml thick coconut milk 400 ml water Pinch of salt 1 tbsp icing sugar 2 eggs 1/2 tsp Rose essence

Method Whisk the eggs, icing sugar, coconut milk and rose essence together. Add this egg mixture to the flour and salt mix. Whisk well. Then add the water and whisk smooth.

Take a small nonstick pan and brush lightly with oil. Add a spoon full of batter to the pan and move the pan around to give shape to the pancake.

Remove the pancake , brush the rough side of the pancake with ghee. Add a spoon of the filling mix and seal it.

PS : I did not use all the filling mixture reserved some for the next batch of pancakes.

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