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Meatballs with A Brown Gravy Served with Mashed Potatoes and Mix Vegetable

Usually we always make a typical meatball curry, this time wanted something mild and at the same time flavoursome . A recipe very much inspired by the Swedish meatballs. Here I have used Chicken mince with bacon mince for the meatballs. Also a combination of beef mince with Pork mince is fantastic

My family enjoyed this version of a meal

Meatballs with A Brown Gravy Served with Mashed Potatoes and Mix Vegetable

Ingredients 500 gms mince ( any type will do , chicken, mutton or beef) 100 gms Bacon mince or chicken ham or salami minced 5 green chillies finely chopped 1 tsp dry oregano 1/2 tsp dry Thyme 1/2 tsp pepper corn 5 garlic cloves Salt to taste 200 gms onions

2 tbsp breadcrumbs or more if only required 1 small size egg

METHOD Add very little oil and stir fry the finely chopped onions , green chillies and finely chopped cloves of garlic lightly. Allow to cool. Dry grind the pepper corn ,thyme and oregano. Once the onion mixture is cooled add it to the mince ,mix well then add the ground herb mix. Pulse grind the mince mixture .

Remove the ground mince mixture ,add next the breadcrumbs , egg and salt to taste. Form into round shape and refrigerate for an hour. Then shallow fry. Remove and keep aside.

FOR THE BROWN GRAVY Ingredients 600 ml water 1 chicken or Beef stock cube 2 tbsp corn flour 1/2 tsp pepper powder 1 tsp coriander powder 1/4 tsp cumin powder 1/2 tsp Garam masala Powder 1/4 cup finely chopped coriander leaves or parsley

Method Add the water in the same pan you fried the meatballs. Next add the crushed stock cube ,spice powders . Allow to come to a boil on a medium flame.

Mix the cornflour to some of the cooking stock separately to make a thick paste. Add this to the cooking stock. Mix well . Add the fried meatballs and cook for 15 mins on medium flame. Lastly add the finely chopped coriander leaves or parsley.

Adding a dash of cream is optional, I did not add the cream.

Serve with mix veggies and mash potato For the mix veggies I used corn, peas and carrot sprinkled with crushed pepper corn and salt to taste.

For the mash potatoes boil potatoes ,the when its a bit warm grate the cooked potatoes. add a little cream or milk to it , melted butter , crushed pepper corn and salt to taste.

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