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Marzipan [Massapao/Macapao]

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Marzipan one of my all time favourite Christmas sweet. Loved by all in the family. Learnt to make these beauties by watching my mother make these. We would keep taking turns to stir the mixture. Now my kids and husband help me and its indeed an enjoyable moment. All of us gathered around the table ,placing small portion of the dough into the moulds.

There is one thing my mother would say ,"you can never go wrong with Marzipan"

TIP : Incase you take out the marzipan mixture early add icing sugar to it and knead . If you take it out late add rose water and knead.

Add 50 gms less sugar incase you want it less sweet.

Ingredients 250 gms cashewnuts grind to powder and then to a paste with 200 ml Rose water 500 gms sugar to be ground fine Whites of 2 eggs to be beaten stiffly Almond essence 1/4 tsp Food colours of your choice Rubber moulds Method Mix the cashewnut paste with the powdered sugar mix well.Fold the stiff egg white mix gently. Add the almond essence. Mix well Cook on very low fire till the mixture leaves the side of the vessel. Remove from fire .when slightly warm knead well. (If required add little rosewater to knead ) Divide dough into 4 -5 parts add colour Place the coloured dough paste (little of it) Into the moulds to get required shapes. Beat moulds on the reverse side and the pieces of marzipan fall out.

Total cooking time on the gas 20 to 25 mins Total weight of cooked marzipan 750 gms

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