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Guava Cheese

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Guava Cheese also known as Perad ,made from the pulp of the guavas , sugar, ghee and lime juice. A drop of red or green gel colour added to the mixture. who can resist these melt in your mouth delights


1kg Guava’s

Powdered sugar


Lime juice

Red colour

Peel the skin of the guavas. Chop into 4 pieces and boil the guava pieces till soft and done

Remove from the boiled water and de-seed the guava’s .Puree the de-seeded guavas

Measure the guava puree in cups

If you get 6 cups of guava puree take 6 cups of powdered sugar (Sugar and guava puree of equal quantity)

2tbsp ghee

½ lime juice

Add the guava puree, powdered sugar, lime juice and little red colour

Cook and keep stirring on low flame till it is reduced to half quantity

Add 2tbps ghee and keep stirring on low flame until it starts to form a soft ball without sticking.

Brush a thali with ghee. Spread the ready guava sweet on the thali.

When slightly warm make diamond shape Markings with a knife. Cut when firm.

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