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Gulab Jamun

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Gulab Jamun is sweet dessert made from mava /koya/evaporated milk solids ,milk powder and spiced with cardamom powder. It is then soaked into a sugary syrup .


200 grams mava

1/2 cup maida /plain flour

1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder

1 tbsp milk powder

For the sugar syrup

2 cups sugar

2 cups water

few strands of saffron

half teaspoon cardamom powder and

one tablespoon rose water


Knead the mava till it forms a soft dough.

Mix in the maida , milk powder and cardamom powder and knead to a soft dough adding few drops of water to make it a soft dough.

Make small balls of the door ensuring the balls to be smooth without any creases or cracks.

Simultaneously get the sugar syrup ready by mixing all the sugar syrup ingredients together and keep stirring until the sugar dissolves forming a thick sugar syrup. The syrup should be less than one thread consistency so that it absorbs in the gulab jamun.

For frying the gulab jamun heat oil in a small kadai /thick bottom pan on low flame , if the flame is too high the balls will burn and will not cook on the inside so we have to fry on completely low flame try first with a small ball to test the temperature of the oil once the ball is dropped in the oil it should rise slowly. Keep turning the ball with spatula or spoon continuously so that it browns evenly on all sides. After frying all the balls allow it to cool when the syrup is lukewarm at the balls into the sugar syrup and allow it to soak for an hour to absorb the sugar syrup. garnish with pistas or almond pieces and serve.

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