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Easter Eggs

Updated: Mar 29

Easter Eggs made with cashew nuts, rose water , whites of eggs .

Ingredients 250 gms cashew nuts 200 ml rose water 500 gms sugar Whites of 2 eggs to be beaten stiffly Almond essence 1/4 tsp Food gel colours of your choice moulds

Method Powder the cashew nuts along with the sugar . Do it in batches, some amount of sugar and cashew nuts together. After grinding ,sift well. Add a pinch of salt to the egg whites and whisk with an electric hand mixer to stiff peaks. Add the 200 ml rosewater to the ground cashew nut and sugar mixture. Mix well. fold the stiff egg white mix gently. Add the almond essence. Mix well. Cook on medium flame for 15 mins.

Then cook on very low fire till the mixture leaves the side of the vessel. Remove from fire .when slightly warm knead well.

Divide dough into 4 -5 parts add colour

Place the coloured dough paste (little of it) Into the moulds to get required shapes. Beat moulds on the reverse side and the pieces of marzipan fall out.

Total cooking time on the gas 20 to 25 mins Total pieces 28

Allow it to dry up . After few hours stick the flowers.

Icing paste to stick the icing flowers

1 tbsp icing sugar

take 2 tsp corn syrup or little more .

mix well to make a thick stiff paste

use a toothpick to coat the back of the icing flower. Stick these flowers on the easter eggs

TIPS: In case you remove the mixture a bit early, add icing sugar to knead and form a smooth soft dough.

In case you take it out a bit late add rose water to knead and form a smooth soft dough.

If u find your dough slightly dry ,sprinkle in some rose water to make the dough.

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