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Dry Bombay Ducks And Bitter Gourd Stir fry

This recipe draws significant inspiration from Kismoor. In my version, I've included bitter gourd and substituted the traditional dry tiny prawns with dry Bombay ducks. You can replace the spice powders with East Indian bottle masala powder for an authentic taste.


100 grams dry bombay ducks

Clean soak in water for an hour .wash it  well.

Marinate the dry bombay ducks with some chilli powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder and keep aside.

200 grams bitter gourd

Wash, peel off the green outer skin and scoop out the seeds.

Rinse the bitter gourd well. Slice as thin as possible.

Add turmeric and salt to the sliced bitter gourd and keep for half an hour.

Squeeze out the juices from the bitter gourd and discard it. Wash it off with clear water, squeeze out all of excess water and keep aside .


2 big size onions sliced

2 tomatoes sliced

1/2 teaspoon chilli powder or according to your liking

1/4 teaspoon of cumin powder

1/4 cup finely chopped coriander leaves

1/2 cup freshly grated coconut

5 to 6 mashed cloves of garlic



Heat up a pan with some oil. Sauté the Onions until they turn translucent. Next , mix in the dry bombay duck pieces and stir fry.


Add the spices , tomatoes and stir fry. Add in the bitter gourd, mix well. Add the chilli powder, cumin powder and turmeric powder. Stir fry for a minute on low flame. Add 1 cup water and allow to cook on medium flame


Add salt only if required. Finally add the freshly grated coconut and finely chopped coriander leaves.

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