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Sweet Coconut Pancakes {East Indian}

Delicous coconut pancake filled with a filling of fresh coconut , sugar or jaggery and cardamon powder.


For the filling FILLING 1 1/2fresh coconut grated 1/4cup raisins 1/3cup lightly roasted cashewnuts and then powdered 4 tbsp sugar / jaggery or according to taste A pinch of cardamom powder And a 1 /4 tsp of rose essence

Mix the grated coconut , raisins , powdered cashewnuts and sugar Cook on very low flame till sugar or jaggery melts Switch gas off add the cardamom powder and essence

FILLING 2 Instead of cashewnut powder add 1/3 cup almond lightly roasted and powdered Add almond essence instead of rose essence

For the pancakes 120 gms maida 1 egg beaten well 1 cup milk. ( I used milk powder. For 1 cup water use 2 tsp milk powder) And 1/4cup water 2 tsp sugar just a drop Almond essence / rose essence

Sift the maida add the well beaten egg and 2tsp sugar Mix well Add the 1 cup milk and mix well .add little water if required to make a batter consistency. ( the batter should not b very thick or too thin) Add rose essence to the batter for the first filling

Add almond essence batter for the 2nd filling

Heat the pan . Brush the pan with oil Pour one spoon of batter and make a round shape pancake.

Place the smooth side upwards add the filling and roll it.

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