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Cashewnut Mawa Barfi

Barfi prepared with cashew nuts , khoya and sugar. A quick , easy sweet to prepare.

Khoya is dried evaporated milk solids commonly used in Indian desserts.


300 gms mawa/khoya

150 gms caster sugar

1 tbsp ghee /clarified butter

100gms cashew nuts

1tsp cardamom powder


In a non-stick pan add 1tbsp ghee , Add in the mawa and caster sugar and stir gently on low flame .

once the mawa and sugar starts to melt add the cashwenut powder and mix well.

On low flame keep stirring gently till it starts to leave sides. Remove from the gas.

Add half of the portion to a well greased tray.

The other half portion mix in 1tsp cocoa powder ad mix well.

Add the cocoa mixture on the top of the plain mixture spreading evenly with a help of the well greased back of a spoon. After it cools down make cuts.

you can dust with edible silver powder.

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