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Updated: Nov 24, 2023

A very famous and most loved dessert , Bebinca. To make it easy I have used tetra pack coconut milk . Must say quite satisfied and happy with the results on my first try.


10 egg yolks

500 gms powdered sugar

600 ml coconut milk (dabur homemade coconut milk packs)

200 gms plain flour

1/2 tsp mixed spice powder

1 tsp cardamom powder

200 ml. Ghee. Melt the ghee


Cream the yolks and the powdered sugar well using a whisk.

Then add the coconut milk and mix well.

Now add in the mix spice powder and cardamom powder, mix well

Add in the plain flour and mix well..The batter should be thin consistency.

Divide the batter into 2 equal quantities.

Add colour of choice. I added pink and sky blue.

Brush an 8inch baking dish. Brush the sides and the base with melted ghee.

Brush the base with little extra melted ghee.Pour a cup of batter into the baking dish.

Place in the hot preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius and allow to bake for 10 mins.

Remove after 10 mins. Pour a tbsp of melted ghee on the cooked layer. Then pour another colour of your prepared batter place in the oven and cook again for another 10 mins.

Continue this process alternating different colours till all the batter is over.

Allow to cool completely. Once cooled completely. Place this baking dish in which the Cooked/ready Bibinca is on a heated flame.

Hold the baking dish with a tong and heat up the bottom of the baking dish for 30 seconds

This will help to loosen up the Bibinca from the dish and come out easily.

You can use the remaining egg whites to make Coconut macaroons

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