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Rocky Road

Dry fruits, dark compound chocolate marshmallows are used to prepare this delicious irresistible Rocky Road.

Ingredients 100 gms marshmallow 100 gms almonds chopped into half 100 gms dried cranberries 60 gms white chocolate chips to Sprinkle And a few coloured Sprinkles 160 gms dark compound chocolate (Dark chocolate MORDE (CH D45)


In a deep bowl mix in the marshmallows, almonds and dried cranberries together.

Melt the dark compound chocolate in a microwave. When u see the chocolate start to melt remove. Start stirring the chocolate till all of it melts completely.

Add this melted chocolate to the bowl of mixed marshmallow mixture. Mix well.

Line a tray with aluminium foil. Add this chocolate marshmallow mixture to the lined tray. Level it. Sprinkle on the top with white chocolate chips and and some coloured sprinkles. Refrigerate to set

After an hour. Cut into shapes or break roughly. Store in airtight boxes and refrigerate.

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