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Roast Chicken in Green Masala

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Generally a green masala consist of coriander leaves right , but here carrying on with the family tradition , at home my mum would always make a green masala omitting out the coriander leaves.

Adding green chillies and just basic spices gives also a perfect green paste. Mostly used in East Indian cuisine like our kujit curry, kuddi curry etc. That's when it crossed my mind , why not use this green paste for a roast chicken .

Roast chicken in green masala. A basic green masala of green chillies, garlic cloves ,pepper corn ground with olive oil and butter. This chicken roast is served with a sauce made with red wine, pepper corn, mushroom and spices.


1. 5 kg whole chicken

FOR THE MARINADE GREEN MASALA 8 green chillies 70 gms garlic cloves 1and 1/2 tbsp pepper corn Grind with 2 tbsp olive oil or any vegetables oil and 2 tbsp butter Salt to taste

STOCK FOR ROASTING 1 stock cube dissolved in 1 mug of hot water (coffee mug)

Method marinate the chicken with the green masala well by separating the skin from the flesh gently by inserting your fingers slowly and put the marinated mixture in Continue to do this method on all sides of the chicken making sure that the marinate penetrates well between the skin and the flesh. place on a stand in a baking tray, if you don't have a stand place it directly. Roast in a preheated oven at 200 degrees. Cover with Foil for the first 1hr then remove foil baste the chicken with some marinate ,cover back with foil and bake again for 1/2 hr .Then remove the foil and baste it with the marinate mixture all over to keep it moist . Open oven and baste every 5 to 7 mins , 3 to 4 times Once done remove from Oven You can serve with different types of baked or stir fry veggies and Fries or mashed potatoes. roast potatoes and any salad

FOR THE SAUCE 1 cup stock 1/2 cup red wine pepper powder according to taste 1 Tsp chilli powder 200 gms mushroom sugar 1 tsp 2 to bspbutter

Add butter to the hot pan and stir fry the chopped mushrooms. Then add the stock, wine , pepper powder, chilli powder. Once it comes to a boil add salt only if required, and 1 to 2 tbsp corn flour. once cooled. puree the mixture Return to gas and make it hot

Total cooking time for chicken 2 hrshis method is perfect to help to cook the chicken evenly .

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