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Hunan style Chicken


7 Chicken leg pieces

1 tsp szechuan pepper corns

1/4tsp sugar

1small star anise

11/4tsp fennel seeds (saunf)

2tbsp soy sauce

2 medium size onions chopped roughly

1 capsicum chopped roughly

1tbsp ginger and garlic paste

2tbsp stems of the coriander

4 tbsp coriander leaves

3 to 4 red dry Kashmiri chillies

1 tbsp ketchup

1 capful brandy

1tsp vinegar or apple cider vinegar

1/4tsp chilli powder

Dry grind the szechuan pepper corn ,star anise, fennel seeds and sugar.

Add this ground spice to the chicken pieces. Mix in the 1 tbsp soy sauce and tsp ginger and garlic paste and 1/4tsp chilli powder

Add 1 tsp plain flour and mix well. So that the marinade coats the chicken well.

Shallow fry the chicken pieces till done. Remove and keep aside

Stir fry in the same pan

1 tbsp ginger juliennes

1 tbsp garlic juliennes

4 chopped red kashmiri chillies

Stir fry well

Add the finely chopped 2 tbs stems of the coriander. Add the roughly 2 chopped onions and 1 capsicum roughly chopped and stir fry well.

Then add the1/ 4 cup finely coriander leaves.

Mix in 1 tbsp of soy sauce a 1 tbsp of ketchup and 1 tsp of vinegar .

Add a capful of brandy .

Salt if required

Lastly add the fried chicken pieces.

Cook for 10 mins.

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