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Fried Chicken in Vindaloo Masala

Fried chicken marinated in East Indian Vindaloo Masala. East Indian vindaloo paste consist of dry Kashmiri chillies ,cumin seeds and turmeric powder. The chillies along with the spices are soaked for half hour and then ground along with the almonds which are powdered first.

Ingredients 1 kilo chicken drumsticks wash well and make few slits

For the masala 12 kashmiri chillies 1 tsp cumin seeds 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste 1/4 tsp turmeric powder 1 cup hot water


10 almonds powdered

Method put all the spices mentioned above in the hot water for half hour

Powder the 10 almonds

Add the almond powder and the spices soaked in hot water together and grind to paste , adding water to help grind to smooth paste.

Marinate the chicken legs with this paste and salt to taste. Keep overnight or keep for few hours.

Method Heat up oil in a pan , shallow fry the chicken drumsticks. Once all the chicken drumsticks are fried , keep aside. Take the remaining marinade add it to the pan with some amount of water, a little bit of sugar cook for a minute , then add the fried chicken drumsticks to this gravy.

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