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Crumb Fried Chicken With A Macaroni Salad

Chicken steaks lightly spiced and then crumb coated served with a Macaroni salad.

INGREDIENTS 1 400 gms chicken boneless breast Take a sharp knife and slit the breast pieces into steak like size Place these slices on to a upside down plate.Place another plate on the chicken slices and put some weight this helps to drain out excess water. Keep for 15 mins. Then place these slices on a parchment paper or clingfilm. Place another parchment paper or cling film on the top of the chicken. Start to hit it with a rolling pin or steak pounder or mallet. It will flatten out. Remove the clingfilm or parchment paper. INGREDIENTS 2 SPICE POWDER Chilli powder according to taste 1/2 tsp freshly ground pepper 1/2 tsp cumin powder 2 small size stock cubes crushed and powdered ( I used Indian chicken Maggie cubes) Mix all this together to form a spice rub 2 EGGS WELL BEATEN RICE FLOUR CORN FLAKES (GROUND) METHOD Apply the spice rub onto the chicken slices well. Then dust with rice flour then dip in egg mixture and then into the powdered cornflakes. Press with your finger the cornflake powder onto the chicken that it sticks well onto the slices. Pressing helps the crumbs to seep into the chicken slices thus after frying a crispy crunchy crust. Place on a parchment paper ,cover and refrigerate for half hour. Then shallow fry the chicken slices well. They dont take time to be cooked ad they are thin slices. FOR THE SALAD 2 Handful macaroni Boiled and cooked 2 sliced onion 2 tomatoes descended and sliced 3 small size gherkins chopped Few jalapenos chopped Few black olives And mayonnaise sauce accordingly Mix all of this together. Add pepper and salt.

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