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Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob

What better way to enjoy the monsoons than a butter garlic herb Corn on the Cob


3 Corn Cut into half boil the corn.

1 tbsp pizza topping herb mix(consist of Oregano ,basil , chilli flakes, celery)

Or you can also go for

1 tsp dried basil and 1 tsp dried oregano and 1 tsp dry chilli flakes


1 tbsp coriander leaves chopped finely

And 1 tsp mint leaves chopped fine

Olive oil

1 tbsp finely chopped garlic cloves

1 tbsp butter


Add olive oil and butter. Once slightly hot add the finely chopped garlic cloves .Saute the garlic lightly. Add the corn and dry herb mix. Keep basting the corn with olive oil mix.

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