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Bread Butter Pudding {Eggless}

Bread Butter Pudding is where slices of buttered bread scattered with raisins and covered with a prepared custard mixture seasoned with spice mix , then baked


100 gms bread slices To the bread slices apply butter on both sides. Keep aside 200ml milk 30 gms brown sugar 1 tbsp cornflour 1 tbsp Raisins and 1tbsp sultanas 1 tbsp chopped cashewnuts 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder 1/4 tsp mix spice powder 1 tsp vanilla essence

METHOD Boil milk and cool to room temperature To the milk add the sugar and cornflour cinnamon and spice powder and mix well .

Pour in a greased dish the caramel. Cut the bread into small pieces and place the bread slices well over the caramel. Sprinkle in the raisins and sultanas and finely chopped cashewnuts. Pour the milk mixture over the bread and set aside for 1/2 hour Add the raisins and sultanas to the bread mix again.

BAIN MARIE 2/3 cm boiling water in a dish Place the greased bread pudding mix bowl into the dish of boiling water Cover the dish with foil with a small slit on the top of the foil Bake at 180 degree for 45 mins

FOR THE CARAMEL 60 gms of sugar Place the sugar in the pan and heat on low flame without stirring,it will starts to turn Brown . While the caramel is getting ready, simultaneously heat up some water to boiling point. Add a tsp of this boiling water to the ready caramel and stir.

Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees till done. Or steam Baking /steam time 30 to 40 mins.

FOR THE BRANDY SAUCE(Optional) Combine 1/4cup cornflour and 1/4cup caster sugar in a pan add a little milk and mix well to a smooth paste . Add some more milk (Total milk 2 cups) keep whisking over medium heat for 4 mins until the sauce is smooth and thick .stir in 30 gms of butter and mix well. Lastly add 1/3 cup of brandy Serve the sauce hot.



For the salted caramel

350gms sugar 75 ml water 150 gms non dairy cream Pink salt 1 tsp 1 tsp vanilla essence 50gms butter (soft)

Add the sugar and water to the pan and put on the heat. On low flame. At this stage do not stir the sugar.the caramel will start forming. Once the caramel forms to a light brown colour and bubbles add the butter Mix well. Take it off the fire . Add the cream stirring continuously add vanilla essence sprinkle in the salt. Salted caramel is ready.

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