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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Naan is a leavened clay oven baked bread. Here is a simple and easy method to prepare at home.


10 Tbs plain flour 10 tbs wheat flour Salt for taste 1/2tsp soda bicarbonate 1 glass buttermilk(1/2 glass curd and 1/glass water stir both together well) 2 tbsp melted ghee Knead to a soft dough and keep for an hour Covered with a muslin cloth or just turn over a deep vessel over the dough. After 1 hour Make balls and keep aside Roll the dough in oval shape.

For garlic butter naan. Make a well into one of the ball add garlic and butter mix. Close and form into a ball again. Dust with flour roll out.

For roasting procedure

Using your fingers ,wet the flat uncooked bread with water . Place the wet side on the iron pan it will stick. when it starts to puff up turn the pan upside down on to the high flame and roast all sides Brush with butter or garlic butter mix.

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