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Loaf Bread

Updated: Nov 27, 2023


For the bread dough

600 gms maida / self raising flour or Bread flour

15 gms fresh yeast or 10 gms/1 tbsp dry yeast

2 tbsp sugar

400 ml water lukewarm

Salt to taste

2 tbsp olive oil

1) Take 15 gms fresh yeast and 2 tbs sugar. Make a paste of it , not completely dissolving the sugar. Add 400 ml Lukewarm water .stir gently keep aside covered for 15 to 20 minutes.

2) Mix 600 gms plain flour /maida with salt as per taste. Mix both together. Take a deep bowl dish . Add this flour to the bowl. Make a well in the center.

3) Add 2 tbsp olive oil /any vegetable oil into the well along with the yeast mixture. Start mixing from the center all the way with a spatula.

4) Now take 150 ml Lukewarm water ,add gradually little by little simultaneously mixing with the spatula. Till you get a wet sticky dough.

5) Brush the flat working surface with oil Place the dough on this surface. Start kneading gently (using stretch and fold method )this kneading process should go for at least 15 minutes but maximum 12 minutes by hand.

6) Try to avoid too much of dusting of flour. If the dough sticks to the surface. Use a flat spatula to scrape out and palm should be well oiled, greasing your palm with oil will lessen the sticking to the surface

7) Tuck the ends of the dough to make a smooth round ball. Roll it using your palm move in circulation motion. Keep to proof for an hour and Half

Dust the surface with flour and roll out the dough Roll the dough into cylindrical shape, taking one end of the roll out dough and rolling it to the other end of the dough. Tuck both ends and place it in a loaf tin brushed with oil. keep to rise for an an hour . Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 20 to 30 mins. it should sound hollow when you tap on it.

8) Proofing: For best results Make your oven warm (heat up your oven for few seconds. This enables your oven to get warm. It should not b hot. This method gives good results. Keep the bread dough in the oven covered with damp warm muslin cloth.

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