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Vegetable Curry with East Indian Kujit Masala

East Indian Kujit Masala is a mild masala and goes really well with vegetables too. The coconut milk added to this curry gives it that lovely creamy tasty flavour. A mix of vegetables are used for this curry.


2 tbsp coriander seeds

2 tsp pepper corn

1 tsp cumin seeds

8 garlic cloves , (incase using big size garlic cloves go for 6)

1 medium size onion

1/4 tsp turmeric powder


Heat up some amount of oil, stir fry the onions lightly ,add the garlic cloves and stir fry again. Now add the coriander seeds, peppercorn, cumin and 1/4 tsp turmeric powder. Stir for a minute on low flame.

once cool grind to paste with some amount of water.



3 To 4 green chillies cut into thin slices

2 medium tomatoes chopped finely

1 1/2 piece ginger cut into julliens

2 medium size onions chopped finely


100 gms french beans chopped roughly

100 gms carrot round slices

2 small size potatoes cubed

Few peas

1 stock cube

1 cup lukewarm water add 25 gms coconut powder. dissolve well. or 200 ml coconut milk


Heat up some oil, Add the thinly sliced green chillies, ginger julliens and stir fry on medium flame.

stir fry the finely chopped onions till lightly browned, Add the tomatoes and cook till soft occasionally stirring. Add the. vegetables and stir fry for a minute...Now add the stock cube and mix well. Add the ground masala with some amount of water.

Once the vegetables are almost done add the coconut milk.

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