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Fried Chicken

Fried chicken with East Indian Bottle Masala. Very basic and yumm

INGREDIENTS 3 green chillies 6 cloves garlic 15 cashew nuts 1 onion

Grind all the above to paste with just enough of water .

2 tbsp bottle masala or according to taste 500 gms Chicken legs

Add the ground paste to the chicken legs well. Salt to taste and the bottle masala. 2 tbsp oil. Marinate for an hour Shallow fry till done

EAST INDIAN BOTTLE MASALA { this masala is prepared to suit my convienience} Traditionally prepared with 35 ingredients. I have learnt making East Indian bottle masala by watching and helping my mother during my childhood days. About 20 different spices were sundried for 2-3 days and then roasted on a pan. We would then take it to a mill to grind. Afterwards we would bottle them up in well sterilized bottles and ready for sale. Today with all that experience and memories in my mind and with the help of my precious East Indian recipe book I managed to create my own recipe with a few amendments with regard to the measurements and ingredients. INGREDIENTS 500 gms kashmiri chillies 5 gms cloves 5 gms naikaiser(cobra saffron/cassia buds) 5 gms kababchuni(all spice) 5 gms cardamom 5 gms Tirphal(indian sichuan pepper) 5 gms maitpartri(mugwort) 5 gms shahjira 8 gms javitri(mace flower) 8 gms star anise 8 gms cinnamon 50 gms turmeric 30 gms teel(sesame seeds) 30 gms khus khus(poppy seeds) 60 gms wheat 40 gms pepper corns 50 gms corriander seeds 15 gms mustard seeds 25 gms cumin seeds 10 gms fennel seeds(saunf) Method Sun dry for above spices 2 to 3 days. When chillies are nice and crisp,Dry roast the chillies. Also dry roast all above spices. Once cooled down dry grind chillies separately . Then dry grind the spices in the mixer.keep sifting and grinding to get a fine powder. Mix both together and bottle once cool.

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