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Cheese Cake With Chocolate Ganache

My first Cheese Cake my family loves it.

So decided to give it a go, a long awaited valentine treat for the family.

Here I have used Agar Agar instead of gelatin and used dark Chocolate for the ganache.


 200 gms Biscuit crumbs

200 gms Tropolite non dairy whipping cream

 400 gms Cream cheese

80 gms icing sugar

 1/2 tsp Agar Agar

100 ml water

50 gms melted butter

7 inch diameter removable base cake tin


For the base/biscuit crumbs

10 Oreos without the cream

10 unibic Biscott biscuit

10 Biscafe biscuit

Crumble the biscuit or just use a dry grinder to make into crumbs.

Add the 50 gms melted butter to the biscuit crumbs ,mix well.

Add the biscuit crumbs and butter mix to the tin ,with a help of spatula press it down evenly and smoth it out.

Refrigerate it. ( For an hour)


Using an electric mixer whisk the cream cheese well, then add the icing sugar and whisk well till nice and smooth.

Clean the blades of the whisk well and keep dry. Then start whisking the cold cream till soft peaks form. ( On lifting the whisk you will see that soft peaks stand out). Fold the whisked cream into the whisked cream cheese.

Take 1/2 cup water and dissolve the 1/2 tsp agar agar well on low flame.

Allow it to come to a boil.

Switch gas off . allow it to cool.

Once cooled fold this into the cream cheese and whisked cream mix.

Fold in well. Add this mixture to the tin and smoothen it out evenly. Refrigerate for 6 hrs or overnight.

After 6 hrs , it's ready for the final step.

For the Ganache

Take 125 gms Tropolite non dairy whipping cream and lighty heat it over a double boiler keep aside

125 gms dark chocolate

Melt over a double boiler in a separate bowl.

Now fold the melted chocolate into the heated whipping cream and mix well to form a smooth Ganache .

Now pour the ganache over the well set cheese Cake  and smoothen out the top to get a 1 cm layer of Ganache on to of the cheesecake.

Then refrigerate for at least an hour.

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